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2018_10Issue BriefCOBRA, HRADetermining the COBRA Premium for an HRA
2018_10Compliance AlertHealth ReformHow Employers Should Handle MLR Rebates
2018_09Compliance AlertMedicarePart D Creditable Coverage Disclosures
2018_09Issue BriefOtherDomestic Partner Benefits and Imputed Income
2018_07Issue BriefOtherCompliance Considerations When Moving from Fully-Insured to Self-Funded
2018_07Compliance AlertMedicareIRS-SSA-CMS Data Match Employer Reporting Requirement Suspended
2018_06Issue BriefOtherIndependent Contractors – Benefit Compliance Considerations
2018_06Compliance AlertAssociation Health PlansDOL Issues New Rules for Association Health Plans
2018_06Compliance AlertHealth Reform2019 “Affordability” Percentage
2018_05Compliance AlertHSAHSA Requirements for 2019
2018_05Compliance AlertHealth ReformREMINDER: PCORI Fees Due July 31
2018_04Compliance AlertHSAAnother Change in 2018 HSA Contribution Limits
2018_04Compliance AlertWellnessAARP vs. EEOC Lawsuit Update – Still No Clarity
2018_03Compliance AlertDisabilityDisability Claim Regulations Take Effect April 1, 2018
2018_03Compliance AlertHSAChange in 2018 HSA Contribution Limits
2018_02Issue BriefDisabilityComplying with the New York Disability Benefits
2018_02Issue BriefHealth ReformSpousal and Dependent Carve-Outs and Surcharges
2018_01Compliance AlertHealth ReformCadillac Tax Delayed Until 2022 and HIT Suspended for 2019
2018_01Issue BriefHealth Reform§4980H Offer Requirements and Associated Penalties
2018_01Compliance AlertHealth ReformDOL Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Expanding Association Health Plans
2018_01Compliance AlertFringe BenefitsTax Treatment of Transportation Benefits Changes Under New Law
2017_12Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Extends Due Date for Employers Provide Form 1095 to Employees and Participants
2017_12Compliance AlertOtherSummary of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Employee Benefit Provisions
2017_12Issue BriefHRAsIRS Releases Additional Guidance on Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangements
2017_12Compliance AlertOtherTax Bill with Benefit Changes Getting Closer
2017_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Releases Information on the Collection Process for §4980H Payments from Employers
2017_10Compliance AlertFSAsIRS Announces 2018 Health FSA Annual Limitation of $2,650
2017_10Compliance AlertHealth reformStatus of CSRs Remains Unclear: Impact on Individual Market Possible
2017_10Compliance AlertHealth reformContraceptive Exemption Expansion
2017_10Compliance AlertHealth reformPresident Trump Signs Executive Order Permitting the Creation of “Association” Health Plans
2017_10Compliance AlertHealth reformHow Employers Should Handle MLR Rebates
2017_10Compliance AlertHealth reformLegislation Introduced to Simplify Employer Reporting
2017_09Compliance AlertHealth reformSenate Tries to Repeal the ACA One More Time
2017_09Compliance AlertWellness ProgramsWellness Program Updates
2017_09Compliance AlertHealth reform2017 Draft Instructions Released
2017_08Compliance AlertHealth reformIRS Decreases ACA “Affordability” Percentage
2017_08Compliance AlertHealth ReformEmployer Reporting – 2017 Draft Forms and Instructions
2017_06Compliance AlertHealth ReformThe Senate Releases the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017
2017_06Issue BriefOtherProfessional Employer Organizations
2017_05Compliance AlertHSAsHSA Requirements
2017_05Compliance AlertHealth ReformThe House Passes New Version of the AHCA
2017_03Compliance AlertHealth ReformACA Status Update
2017_03Issue BriefHealth ReformRepublicans Release Health Policy Proposed Legislation
2017_03Compliance AlertOtherUPDATE – Taxation of Fixed Indemnity Plans
2017_02Compliance AlertOtherIRS Issues Memorandum on Taxation of Indemnity Plans
2017_01Issue BriefHRAQualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement
2017_01Compliance AlertHealth ReformTrump Issues Executive Order Regarding the ACA
2016_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Extends Deadlines for Providing 2016 Form 1095s
2016_11Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Impact of the Election on Employer Sponsored Health Plans
2016_10Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Announces 2017 Health FSA Limits
2016_10Compliance AlertHealth ReformEmployer Reporting – 2016 FINAL Forms and Instructions
2016_8Compliance AlertHealth ReformEmployer Reporting – 2016 Draft Forms and Instructions
2016_8Compliance AlertHIPAAOCR Phase 2 HIPAA Audits Underway
2016_7Issue BriefHealth Reform§4980H Affordability – Opt-Out Guidance
2016_7Compliance AlertHealth ReformHHS Releases Discrimination Rule Affecting Transgender Benefits
2016_6Compliance AlertHealth ReformFinal SBC Template and Related Materials
2016_6Compliance AlertHealth ReformEmployer Reporting Errors
2016_6Compliance AlertHealth ReformEmployer Exchange Subsidy Notices - Appeal or Not?
2016_5Compliance AlertWellness ProgramsEEOC Final Rules on Wellness Programs
2016_4Compliance AlertHealth ReformPCORI Fees Due July 31
2016_3Compliance AlertHealth ReformForm 1095 Deadline and Penalties
2016_3Compliance AlertHealth ReformProposed Revisions to SBC and Uniform Glossary Modifications
2016_1Compliance AlertHealth ReformForm 1095 - Employee Communications
2016_1Compliance AlertHealth ReformCadillac Tax - Delayed Effective Date
2016_1Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases Broad Range of Guidance in Notice 2015-87
2015_12Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases Additional §4980H Guidance
2015_12Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Extends Deadline for Employer ACA Reporting
2015_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformEEOC Issue GINA Wellness Rules
2015_10Compliance AlertHealth ReformPACE Act Changes the Definition of Small Group Insurance
2015_9Compliance AlertHealth ReformCadillac Tax – 2015 IRS Notices
2015_9Compliance AlertHealth ReformNo ACA Employer Reporting Required For Most HRAs
2015_8Issue BriefHealth ReformControlled And Affiliated Service Group Basics
2015_8Compliance AlertHealth ReformEmployer Reporting – HRA Reporting Requirement
2015_7Issue BriefHealth ReformSmall Group Market- Changing Definition
2015_7Compliance AlertOtherSupreme Court Rules on Same Sex Marriage
2015_6Issue BriefHealth ReformACA Affordability Considerations
2015_6Compliance AlertHealth ReformPCORI Fees Due July 31
2015_5Issue BriefHealth ReformEmployer Reporting Requirements
2015_4Compliance AlertWellness ProgramsEEOC issues regulations addressing ADA requirements for employer wellness programs
2015_2Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Releases Final Reporting Forms and Instructions
2015_1Issue BriefHealth ReformSBC and Uniform Glossary Modifications
2014_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformCMS Extends the Deadline to Report Membership Data for the Transitional Reinsurance Contribution
2014_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformEmployer Can Not Pay for Employee’s Individual Health Insurance
2014_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformSupreme Court to Hear ACA Case
2014_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Announces 2015 Adjustments for Certain Benefit Items
2014_11Compliance AlertHIPAAHealth Plan ID (HPID) Requirement Delayed
2014_10Issue BriefHealth ReformTransitional Reinsurance Contribution Form to be available Oct 24th
2014_10Issue BriefHealth ReformSelf-funded Employers Must Report Membership by Nov. 17th for Purposes of Making ACA Reinsurance Payments
2014_10Compliance AlertHIPAATime is Running Short for Large Self-funded Employers to Obtain a HIPAA HPID Number
2014_10Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Rules Amending Definition of Excepted Benefits
2014_9Compliance AlertHealth ReformPCORI Fee Increase
2014_9Compliance AlertSection 125/Cafeteria PlansSection 125 rules to recognize two new permitted election changes
2014_9Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases ACA Employer Reporting Instructions
2014_8Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Increases ACA “Affordability” Percentage
2014_7Issue BriefHealth ReformHow Employers Should Handle MLR Rebates
2014_7Compliance AlertHealth ReformCompliance Alert- PCORI Fees due July 31
2014_7Compliance AlertHealth ReformWhat the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Case Means to Employers
2014_7Compliance AlertHealth ReformFinal Rules – 90 Day Waiting Period & Orientation Period
2014_5Issue BriefHIPAASelf-funded Employers and the HIPAA Health Plan Identifier Number (HPID)
2014_5Compliance AlertHealth ReformSpecial Open Enrollment Offered to COBRA QBS and New ACA FAQs and COBRA Model Notices Released
2014_4Compliance AlertHealth Reform2015 HSA Contribution Limits
2014_4Issue BriefHealth ReformDetermining Employee Full-Time Status
2014_4Compliance AlertHealth ReformElimination of Small Group Deductible Limit
2014_4Compliance AlertHSAHealth FSA Carryovers – HSA Eligibility
2014_3Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Issues Final ACA Employer Reporting Rules
2014_2Issue BriefHealth ReformEmployer Shared Responsibility Final Regulations
2014_2Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Rules on Waiting Periods & HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage
2014_2Compliance AlertHealth ReformFINAL RULES – Employer Shared Responsibility Rules
2014_1Compliance AlertHealth ReformW-2 Health Insurance Reporting Review
2013_12Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Mental Health Parity Regulations Released
2013_12Issue BriefHealth ReformExcepted Benefits Rules Changed
2013_12Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Issues Guidance on Same-Sex Spouses in Cafeteria Plans and HSAs
2013_12Compliance AlertHealth ReformOnline Enrollment in Federal SHOP Exchange Delayed One Year
2013_11Issue BriefHealth ReformMarketplace (Exchange) Subsidies for Adult Children
2013_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformFinal Rules Issued on Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act
2013_11Issue BriefSection 125/Cafeteria PlansModification of “Use-or-Lose” Rule for HFSAs
2013_10Issue BreifHealth ReformDOL Posts New Notice of Coverage Options FAQ
2013_9Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Issues Proposed Employer Reporting Rules
2013_9Issue BriefHealth ReformDOL Issues Guidance on HRAs, FSAs, and Premium Reimbursement Plans
2013_9Issue BriefHealth ReformTax Treatment of Benefits Provided to Same Sex Married Couples
2013_8Issue BriefHealth ReformSending the Notice of Exchange to Employees
2013_8Issue BriefHealth ReformOut-of-pocket Maximum Limits
2013_7Issue BriefHealth ReformEmployer Shared Responsibility Rules Delayed Until 2015
2013_7Issue BriefHealth ReformHow Employers Should Handle MLR Rebates 2013
2013_6Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases Form 720
2013_6Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Rules For Wellness Plans Released
2013_5Issue BriefHealth ReformDepartment of Labor Releases Model Exchange Notice
2013_5 Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Guidance on Affordability and Minimum Value
2013_4Issue BriefHealth ReformChoice Option on SHOP Exchange Delayed
2013_2Issue BriefHealth ReformGuidance Issued on Transition Rules For Plans with Fiscal Plan Years
2013_2Issue BriefHealth ReformDetails on Paying the ACA Research Fee
2013_1Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases Premium Tax Credit for Families
2013_1Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Employer Shared Responsibility Rules
2013_1Issue BriefHealth ReformDOL Delays Exchange Notice Requirement
2012_11Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Election is Over-Where Do We Go From Here?
2012_11Issue BriefHealth ReformHHS Releases Small Group Insurance Regulations and AV Calculator
2012_11Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Elections Impact on the ACA
2012_10Issue BriefHealth ReformSBC Distribution Rules for Employer Sponsored Health Plans
2012_9Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Full-time Employee Guidance
2012_7 Issue BriefHealth ReformHow Employers Should Handle MLR Rebates
2012_7Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Impact of the Supreme Court’s ACA Ruling on Employer Sponsored Health Plans
2012_6Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Supreme Court Rules the Affordable Care Act is Constitutional
2012_6Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Provides Guidance on $2500 Health FSA Limit
2012_5Issue BriefHealth ReformEstimated Cost Impact of the ACA Reinsurance Fee on Employer Plans
2012_4Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Issues Guidance on ACA Research Fees for Health Plans
2012_4Issue BriefHealth ReformMLR Rebates From Carriers
2012_3Issue BriefHealth ReformDOL releases FAQ Regarding Implementation of SBC Provisions
2012_3White Papers & AnalysisHealth ReformMLR Rebates from Carriers
2012_3Issue BriefHealth ReformState Exchange Final Regulations Released
2012_2Issue BriefHealth ReformW-2 Reporting Requirements Chart
2012_2Issue BriefHealth ReformHealth Plan Automatic Enrollment Rules Delayed
2012_2Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Summary of Benefits and Coverage Regulations Released
2012_1Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases Additional Guidance on W-2 Health Insurance Reporting Requirements
2011_12Issue BriefHealth ReformHHS Issues Bulletin on Definition of Essential Health Benefits
2011_11Issue BriefHealth ReformDOL Delays Implementation of Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Rules
2011_11Issue BriefHealth ReformSupreme Court to Hear Health Reform Case
2011_11White Papers & AnalysisHealth ReformGrandfathered Plans
2011_10Issue BriefHealth ReformCLASS Act Implementation Suspended by Obama Administration
2011_10Issue BriefHealth ReformIOM Releases Essential Health Benefits Recommendations
2011_8Issue BriefHealth ReformDepartments Release Benefit Summary Rules
2011_8Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Health Reform Individual Mandate-Appeals Court Decisions
2011_8Issue BriefHealth ReformGuidelines on Coverage for Preventive Services for Women
2011_8Issue BriefHealth Reform2012 Health Reform Updates for Employer Sponsored Health Plans
2011_7Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Requests Comments on Health Reform Fees
2011_6Issue BriefHealth ReformAppeals Process Rules Amended
2011_4 Issue BriefHealth Reform2011 Budget Compromise Eliminates Free Choice Vouchers
2011_4Issue BriefHealth ReformRepeal of 1099 Reporting Requirement
2011_4Issue BriefHealth ReformCMS Closing New Applications to ERRP
2011_3Issue BriefHealth ReformW-2 Reporting Requirement Delayed for Employers with Less than 250 Employees
2011_3Issue BriefHealth ReformClaims Appeal Enforcement Delayed Again
2011_2Issue BriefHealth ReformUniform Benefit Summary Draft Issued
2013_5Issue BriefHSAIRS Releases HSA and HDHP Limits for 2014
2013_4 Issue BriefHIPAAHHS Releases Final HIPAA Privacy and Security Guidance
2013_2Issue BriefOtherCongress Amends Transportation Plan Rules
2012_6 Issue BriefConsumer Directed Plans (HRA/HSA)IRS Provides Guidance on $2500 Health FSA Limit
2012_4Issue BriefConsumer Directed Plans (HRA/HSA)2013 HSA Limits Released
2011_11Issue BriefOtherMichigan to Impose Assessment on Health Care Claims
2011_11Issue BriefHIPAAHHS Launches HIPAA Audit Program
2011_5Issue BriefMedicareMedicare Part D Notification Date Changes
2011_5Issue BriefConsumer Directed Plans (HRA/HSA)2012 HSA Limits Released
2012_4Issue BriefOtherRecord Retention for Health and Welfare Benefit Plans
2011_12Issue BriefOtherGroup Term Life Insurance Non-discrimination Testing
2011_3Issue BriefOtherSpousal Carve-Outs and Surcharges
2011_2 Issue BriefCOBRAHRA COBRA Premiums