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The link below will take you to a page containing resources available only to Benefit Comply, LLC Compliance Support Client Firms .  You will then be instructed to enter your password.  For more information on any of the material available here or if you or your client are having any trouble accessing these pages, please contact Lori at email or  952.997.3820.

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The Content below is available for Benefit Comply Compliance Support Client Firms. All resources are provided in both .pdf and MS Word format so Benefit Comply client firms can use the content in newsletters, company communications, training, etc.
2015_2Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Releases Final Reporting Forms and Instructions
2015_1Issue BriefHealth ReformSBC and Uniform Glossary Modifications
2014_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformCMS Extends the Deadline to Report Membership Data for the Transitional Reinsurance Contribution
2014_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformEmployer Can Not Pay for Employee’s Individual Health Insurance
2014_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformSupreme Court to Hear ACA Case
2014_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Announces 2015 Adjustments for Certain Benefit Items
2014_11Compliance AlertHIPAAHealth Plan ID (HPID) Requirement Delayed
2014_10Issue BriefHealth ReformTransitional Reinsurance Contribution Form to be available Oct 24th
2014_10Issue BriefHealth ReformSelf-funded Employers Must Report Membership by Nov. 17th for Purposes of Making ACA Reinsurance Payments
2014_10Compliance AlertHIPAATime is Running Short for Large Self-funded Employers to Obtain a HIPAA HPID Number
2014_10Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Rules Amending Definition of Excepted Benefits
2014_9Compliance AlertHealth ReformPCORI Fee Increase
2014_9Compliance AlertSection 125/Cafeteria PlansSection 125 rules to recognize two new permitted election changes
2014_9Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases ACA Employer Reporting Instructions
2014_8Compliance AlertHealth ReformIRS Increases ACA “Affordability” Percentage
2014_7Issue BriefHealth ReformHow Employers Should Handle MLR Rebates
2014_7Compliance AlertHealth ReformPCORI Fees due July 31
2014_7Compliance AlertHealth ReformWhat the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Case Means to Employers
2014_7Compliance AlertHealth ReformFinal Rules – 90 Day Waiting Period & Orientation Period
2014_5Issue BriefHIPAASelf-funded Employers and the HIPAA Health Plan Identifier Number (HPID)
2014_5Compliance AlertHealth ReformSpecial Open Enrollment Offered to COBRA QBS and New ACA FAQs and COBRA Model Notices Released
2014_4Compliance AlertHealth Reform2015 HSA Contribution Limits
2014_4Issue BriefHealth ReformDetermining Employee Full-Time Status
2014_4Compliance AlertHealth ReformElimination of Small Group Deductible Limit
2014_4Compliance AlertHSAHealth FSA Carryovers – HSA Eligibility
2014_3Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Issues Final ACA Employer Reporting Rules
2014_2Issue BriefHealth ReformEmployer Shared Responsibility Final Regulations
2014_2Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Rules on Waiting Periods & HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage
2014_2Compliance AlertHealth ReformFINAL RULES – Employer Shared Responsibility Rules
2014_1Compliance AlertHealth ReformW-2 Health Insurance Reporting Review
2013_12Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Mental Health Parity Regulations Released
2013_12Issue BriefHealth ReformExcepted Benefits Rules Changed
2013_12Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Issues Guidance on Same-Sex Spouses in Cafeteria Plans and HSAs
2013_12Compliance AlertHealth ReformOnline Enrollment in Federal SHOP Exchange Delayed One Year
2013_11Issue BriefHealth ReformMarketplace (Exchange) Subsidies for Adult Children
2013_11Compliance AlertHealth ReformFinal Rules Issued on Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act
2013_11Issue BriefSection 125/Cafeteria PlansModification of “Use-or-Lose” Rule for HFSAs
2013_10Issue BreifHealth ReformDOL Posts New Notice of Coverage Options FAQ
2013_9Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Issues Proposed Employer Reporting Rules
2013_9Issue BriefHealth ReformDOL Issues Guidance on HRAs, FSAs, and Premium Reimbursement Plans
2013_9Issue BriefHealth ReformTax Treatment of Benefits Provided to Same Sex Married Couples
2013_8Issue BriefHealth ReformSending the Notice of Exchange to Employees
2013_8Issue BriefHealth ReformOut-of-pocket Maximum Limits
2013_7Issue BriefHealth ReformEmployer Shared Responsibility Rules Delayed Until 2015
2013_7Issue BriefHealth ReformHow Employers Should Handle MLR Rebates 2013
2013_6Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases Form 720
2013_6Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Rules For Wellness Plans Released
2013_5Issue BriefHealth ReformDepartment of Labor Releases Model Exchange Notice
2013_5 Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Guidance on Affordability and Minimum Value
2013_4Issue BriefHealth ReformChoice Option on SHOP Exchange Delayed
2013_4Issue BriefHealth ReformCommon Controlled Group Basic
2013_2Issue BriefHealth ReformGuidance Issued on Transition Rules For Plans with Fiscal Plan Years
2013_2Issue BriefHealth ReformDetails on Paying the ACA Research Fee
2013_1Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases Premium Tax Credit for Families
2013_1Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Employer Shared Responsibility Rules
2013_1Issue BriefHealth ReformDOL Delays Exchange Notice Requirement
2012_11Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Election is Over-Where Do We Go From Here?
2012_11Issue BriefHealth ReformHHS Releases Small Group Insurance Regulations and AV Calculator
2012_11Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Elections Impact on the ACA
2012_10Issue BriefHealth ReformSBC Distribution Rules for Employer Sponsored Health Plans
2012_9Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Full-time Employee Guidance
2012_7 Issue BriefHealth ReformHow Employers Should Handle MLR Rebates
2012_7Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Impact of the Supreme Court’s ACA Ruling on Employer Sponsored Health Plans
2012_6Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Supreme Court Rules the Affordable Care Act is Constitutional
2012_6Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Provides Guidance on $2500 Health FSA Limit
2012_5Issue BriefHealth ReformEstimated Cost Impact of the ACA Reinsurance Fee on Employer Plans
2012_4Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Issues Guidance on ACA Research Fees for Health Plans
2012_4Issue BriefHealth ReformMLR Rebates From Carriers
2012_3Issue BriefHealth ReformDOL releases FAQ Regarding Implementation of SBC Provisions
2012_3White Papers & AnalysisHealth ReformMLR Rebates from Carriers
2012_3Issue BriefHealth ReformState Exchange Final Regulations Released
2012_2Issue BriefHealth ReformW-2 Reporting Requirements Chart
2012_2Issue BriefHealth ReformHealth Plan Automatic Enrollment Rules Delayed
2012_2Issue BriefHealth ReformFinal Summary of Benefits and Coverage Regulations Released
2012_1Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Releases Additional Guidance on W-2 Health Insurance Reporting Requirements
2011_12Issue BriefHealth ReformHHS Issues Bulletin on Definition of Essential Health Benefits
2011_11Issue BriefHealth ReformDOL Delays Implementation of Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Rules
2011_11Issue BriefHealth ReformSupreme Court to Hear Health Reform Case
2011_11White Papers & AnalysisHealth ReformGrandfathered Plans
2011_10Issue BriefHealth ReformCLASS Act Implementation Suspended by Obama Administration
2011_10Issue BriefHealth ReformIOM Releases Essential Health Benefits Recommendations
2011_8Issue BriefHealth ReformDepartments Release Benefit Summary Rules
2011_8Issue BriefHealth ReformThe Health Reform Individual Mandate-Appeals Court Decisions
2011_8Issue BriefHealth ReformGuidelines on Coverage for Preventive Services for Women
2011_8Issue BriefHealth Reform2012 Health Reform Updates for Employer Sponsored Health Plans
2011_7Issue BriefHealth ReformIRS Requests Comments on Health Reform Fees
2011_6Issue BriefHealth ReformAppeals Process Rules Amended
2011_4 Issue BriefHealth Reform2011 Budget Compromise Eliminates Free Choice Vouchers
2011_4Issue BriefHealth ReformRepeal of 1099 Reporting Requirement
2011_4Issue BriefHealth ReformCMS Closing New Applications to ERRP
2011_3Issue BriefHealth ReformW-2 Reporting Requirement Delayed for Employers with Less than 250 Employees
2011_3Issue BriefHealth ReformClaims Appeal Enforcement Delayed Again
2011_2Issue BriefHealth ReformUniform Benefit Summary Draft Issued
2013_5WebinarHealth ReformPay or Play Rules and the Definition of FTE
2013_2WebinarHealth ReformACA Regulatroy Update
2013_1WebinarHealth ReformACA Notice of Exchange
2012_11WebinarHealth ReformWhat do the Election Results Mean for the Future of Health Reform?
2012_8WebinarHealth Reform2012-2013 Health Reform Update
2013_5Issue BriefHSAIRS Releases HSA and HDHP Limits for 2014
2013_4 Issue BriefHIPAAHHS Releases Final HIPAA Privacy and Security Guidance
2013_2Issue BriefOtherCongress Amends Transportation Plan Rules
2012_6 Issue BriefConsumer Directed Plans (HRA/HSA)IRS Provides Guidance on $2500 Health FSA Limit
2012_4Issue BriefConsumer Directed Plans (HRA/HSA)2013 HSA Limits Released
2011_11Issue BriefOtherMichigan to Impose Assessment on Health Care Claims
2011_11Issue BriefHIPAAHHS Launches HIPAA Audit Program
2011_5Issue BriefMedicareMedicare Part D Notification Date Changes
2011_5Issue BriefConsumer Directed Plans (HRA/HSA)2012 HSA Limits Released
2012_4Issue BriefOtherRecord Retention for Health and Welfare Benefit Plans
2011_12Issue BriefOtherGroup Term Life Insurance Non-discrimination Testing
2011_3Issue BriefOtherSpousal Carve-Outs and Surcharges
2011_2 Issue BriefCOBRAHRA COBRA Premiums
2013_4WebinarHIPAAHIPAA Privacy and Security Rules for Employers
2013_3WebinarSection 125/Cafeteria PlansSection 125 Administration
2012_10WebinarOtherEmployee Benefits Compliance Review
2012_9WebinarFMLAFMLA Boot Camp
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