Comprehensive Compliance Support

Let us be your resource when helping your clients keep up with confusing and rapidly changing compliance issues including Health Reform, HIPAA Privacy and Security, COBRA and State Continuation, ERISA Reporting and Disclosure Rules including SPD requirements, Section 125, HIPAA Title I, HRA and HSA rules and regulations, State Insurance Rules and Regulations and more…

By entering into a retainer agreement with Benefit Comply you can instantly add an entire compliance department, unmatched in experience and expertise, for less than it would cost to hire a single full-time compliance expert.

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Compliance Phone and Email Helpline

This is arguably the service most valued by a firm’s benefits staff. Even when your staff has access to compliance content, websites and other raw information, they often find themselves facing difficult compliance situations or needing a quick and complete answer to a question. Your staff uses the hotline to get client questions answered, and then delivers the answers directly to the client, positioning your firm as the solution provider without having to invest time to research the information and find answers.

Compliance Alerts and Publications

Benefit Comply releases timely compliance alerts as soon as important compliance events occur, legislation is passed, or regulations are released and also produces more detailed issue briefs and white papers on important compliance topics. These communications can be used for staff training, newsletter articles, blog posts, and other educational purposes for both staff and clients. All material is also provided in MS Word format so that your firm can easily use them in newsletters, websites, and client communications.

Compliance Training and Education

Benefit Comply can assist in expanding the knowledge base of your organization when it comes to compliance related issues. We offer staff training seminars and webinars as well as an intensive Compliance Specialist Boot Camp. Our experts are also available for compliance seminars and webinars for your employer clients.

HIPAA Compliance Services

Benefit Comply has helped hundreds of companies comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules and regulations. Now we have two options for you to offer to your employer clients; Full Service Consulting, and our Employer Self-Service HIPAA Compliance Tool. Find out more info here.

Self Check Compliance Assessment Web Tool

The Benefit Comply Self Assessment Checklist is a web-based tool designed to help employers understand any compliance issues that they may have with their health and welfare benefit plans. It guides the employer through a series of questions and produces an easily digestible report that will quickly reveal compliance gaps.

ERISA Plan Documents

We have two distinct ERISA document services designed to cover the compliance needs of employers of all stripes including our Wrap Doc Standard Service and Wrap Doc Legal Plus Service.