Compliance Publications from 2010

Health Care

December 2010 – 105(h) Rules Delayed  .pdf .doc
November 2010 – Grandfathered Status Rule Amended   .pdf .doc
August 2010 – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Summary  .pdf_ .doc
August 2010 – Claims and Appeal Rules Significantly Modified Under New Regulations  pdf .doc
July 2010 – Annual and Lifetime Coverage Limits, Preexisting Conditions, and Patient Protection Rules .pdf .doc
July 2010 – Preventive Care Services Regulations .pdf .doc
June 2010 – Grandfather Plan Status Final Regulations  .pdf .doc
June 2010 – Grandfathered Plans  .pdf .doc
June 2010 – Grandfather Plans  Summary  .pdf .doc
April 2010 – Health Reform Employer Coverage Mandate and Penalties  .pdf .doc
Power Point Presentations on HCR
October 2010 – Generic Health Reform Presentation  .ppt (in a simple B&W format so you can easily import into your own presentation template)
October 2010 – Benefit Comply branded Health Reform Presentation  .ppt

Other Compliance Resources

November 2010 – Transportation and Parking Limits May Change in 2011  .pdf .doc
October 2010 – Employer CHIP Notice Requirements .pdf .doc
October 2010 – HIPAA Breaches   .pdf .doc
 June 2010 – Wellness Compliance  .pdf .doc
April 2010 – COBRA Subsidy Extended Again  .pdf .doc
March 2010 – COBRA Subsidy Extended  .pdf .doc
February 2010 – Mental Health Parity Rules Released  .pdf .doc