HIPAA Compliance Suite



HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance is back in the spotlight. With the HHS random audit program and new rules governing electronic transactions, more employers are realizing the importance of HIPAA compliance and looking to their benefits consultants and brokers for help.

Benefit Comply, LLC, has developed a suite  of HIPAA services with discounted fee arrangements exclusively for Assurex Global Partner Firms.



1. HIPAA Privacy and Security Full-Service Policy and Procedure Development and Consulting

[dropdown_box start=”hide”]With the HIPAA Full-Service Project, a Benefit Comply HIPAA consultant will analyze the employer’s current practices in their role as a health plan sponsor and/or business associate, and develop unique policies and procedures that bring them into full compliance with the HIPAA privacy and security rules. The consultant will also train  employees subject to  the organizations HIPAA policies. This full service approach minimizes the time the employer staff needs to invest in the development of their written policies and procedures. The Benefit Comply HIPAA consultant does most of the work, and the employer is involved only when necessary.[/dropdown_box]

2. NEW! HIPAA Employer Self Service Compliance Web Tool

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The new HIPAA Employer Self-Service Compliance Tool is a great resource for employers who are looking for a lower cost compliance option, who are willing to do more of the work themselves to develop their HIPAA polices and procuidures. .  The employer uses the web based tool to work through the compliance process on their own, rather than hire a consultant. The HIPAA Self-Service Compliance Tool provides all the resources an employer needs to bring themselves into compliance with the HIPAA privacy and security regulations. A one-year license provides:

  • Template Policies and Procedures that cover HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements
  • Detailed instructions for completion
  • Library of relevant sample documents
  • Sample risk analysis
  • 1 year license to EBIA HIPAA library
  • 1 hour of consultant support from Benefit Comply consultant via email
  • Unlimited technical support


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3. NEW! Health Plan Identifier Number (HPID) Service

[dropdown_box start=”hide”]The process involved in obtaining an HPID can be cumbersome and confusing for employers. This Benefit Comply service will acquire a controlling health plan’s HPID for an employer sponsored health plan and keep the client’s involvement to a minimum.


4. NEW! Health Plan Identifier Number (HPID) Consulting Service plus Fulfillment of HHS Certification Requirements

[dropdown_box start=”hide”]One of the essential questions for employers is how many HPIDs will they need to cover their entire health and welfare benefit portfolio. With this full consulting service, our consultant will determine how many numbers are necessary, obtain all numbers and conduct the necessary steps to certify your plan(s) with the HHS prior to the December 31, 2015 deadline .



Services Comparison:

1. Full Service HIPAA Consulting2. Employer HIPAA Self Service Tool3. HPID Number Acquisition Service4. HPID Consulting Service
Consultant Development of Privacy and Security Policies

Consultant Assistance with Security Risk Assessment

Complete HIPAA Privacy and Security Policy Templates

Sample Forms

Acquisition of HPID Number

Consulting Regarding HPID Requirements

Assistance with HIPAA transaction Plan Certification with HHS*

Retail Price$7500$1995$1250$2500
Assurex Global Partner Firm Price$6500**$995$750$1500
Assurex Global Firms who are also Benefit Comply Retainer Clients receive further discounts. See retainer client pricing here.

* HIPAA transaction plan certification with HHS can be added to the Full-Service HIPAA Consulting Service at a discounted rate.
** The Full-Service HIPAA Consulting price is valid for most employer sponsored health plans but may be subject to change based on project complexity.