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The next boot camp will be held in Minneapolis, MN – June 2014.
More details and registration to come shortly.

Every employee benefits consulting and brokerage firm knows that providing clients with comprehensive compliance support is becoming a critical deliverable. Many firms, even those with strong compliance partners and vendors, find it advantageous to also have internal staff compliance specialists who can meet with employers, attend sales presentations, and help other staff sort out day to day compliance issues.

The Compliance Specialist Boot Camp is an intensive four day training program led by the legal and regulatory policy experts of Benefit Comply. The curriculum is designed to take your internal compliance specialist to the next level. We will be covering compliance issues at a level of detail beyond what most staff and clients usually receive. At the end of the program attendees will receive recognition as a Certified Compliance Specialist.

What is Covered?

Compliance Specialist Boot Camp attendees will receive in-depth training into the most relevant issues in benefit compliance today including:

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Cafeteria Plans
  • Consumer Directed Plans

We will also have sessions designed to help the compliance specialist become a more strategic part of your employee benefits team including:

  • Using compliance in new business development and retention strategies
  • Compliance resources review

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Depending on the firm, and their access to outside resources, the Compliance Specialist does not need to be a full time position. For example, Benefit Comply supports a number of firms with access to our experts, tools, compliance content, training and more. The combination of an internal compliance specialist, combined with Benefit Comply’s support services creates a powerful story to share with clients.