Don’t Let A Breach Catch You By Surprise

A breach isn’t always intentional. Inadvertent and accidental breaches can be just as costly.

Protect Your Business from Common Mistakes

Not all Protected Health Information (PHI) breaches are intentional. Many of them are the result of honest mistakes, simple misjudgments, and lapses in policy and training. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t protect you from legal fees and fines when PHI is exposed. 

HIPAA Shield from Benefit Comply is an easy-to-use tool that can make compliance fast and reliable. 

Do These Mistakes Sound Familiar?

Exposure of PHI can occur for a wide variety of reasons–many of which you may not have considered. Real world examples of PHI breaches include:

  • An HR manager sharing PHI with a department manager.
  • Using PHI to make employment decisions (for example, terminating an employee due to a substance use disorder treatment).
  • Employees misusing PHI, especially if the employer cannot point to any documented training designed to prevent this misuse.
  • An employer disclosing PHI to a family member or friend without getting authorization.
  • Employees accessing PHI on an unsecured wi-fi connection (for example, when working from home or from a coffee shop)

Use HIPAA Shield and Protect Your Business

HIPAA Shield contains three powerful modules, all designed to help make intentional and unintentional breaches less likely:



Draft and download written privacy policies in a matter of minutes—not hours.



Ensure electronic PHI data is secure by HIPAA standards with our IT risk analysis.



Quickly get employees up to speed on HIPAA rules with our guided video training.

The HIPAA Shield tool scales to your needs, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reducing your HIPAA compliance exposure.

All it takes is one well-intentioned mistake to put your company at risk of fines, legal action, and more.  With HIPAA Sheild, you can protect your business. 

  • Streamlined setup: Set up your HIPAA compliance program quickly, ensuring you keep up with updating regulation changes.
  • Legal protection: Protect your company from legal liability by having compliance in place.
  • Confident Competence: Train your workforce to reduce the risk of an unforeseen error.

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