HIPAA Health Plan Identifier Number (HPID) and Certification Requirements Services

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Employers who sponsor self-funded health plans will be required to take certain administrative steps, including applying for a health plan identifier number (HPID) and getting certification from certain vendors that they are in compliance with HIPAA transaction rules. The timing of employer compliance with the HPID requirements depends on whether the plan is considered a large or a small health plan. Large health plans must obtain an HPID by November 5, 2014. Small health plans have until November 5, 2015. In a separate set of requirements, all covered entity health plans are required to file a certification with HHS attesting that the plan is in compliance with certain HIPAA transaction requirements by December 31, 2015.

HIPAA Health Plan Identifier Number (HPID) Service

Benefit Comply will take the lead in your HPID process. Give us the needed information and we will:

  • Determine the necessary number of HPID’s needed to cover your particular employee benefit plan set-up.
  • Obtain the number(s) from the HHS with the minimum amount of your involvement possible.