irs penalty support

IRS Letter 226J

Proposed §4980H Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP)

We Can Help

Benefit Comply has a team of ACA experts who can help an employer understand the Letter 226J and provide assistance in developing the employer’s response to the IRS. Benefit Comply Consultants have helped hundreds of employers respond to the IRS and successfully eliminate any proposed employer shared responsibility payment (ESRP).

Most assessments can
be appealed completely
or reduced!

Our Process


A Benefit Comply Consultant will examine the IRS Letter 226J and other relevant documentation.


The Consultant will make a determination as to how much, if any, of the proposed IRS 4980H penalty actually applies and make a recommendation to the employer.


The Consultant will assist in preparing the response to the IRS and all necessary supporting documentation for the employer (or their representative) to submit to the IRS.


The Employer is responsible for submitting the final response package to the IRS.


Most projects can be completed for $500 or less.

"Thanks for your work on this project. Your assistance is super helpful in guiding employers through this."
"Good news. We are off the hook for everything it appears. Thank you so much for all of your help."
"Good News! The IRS accepted the documents that we sent and are not assessing a fee. Attached is the letter we received today. I wanted to let you know and say thank you again for your help!"
"Received the attached notification today regarding our appeal to the proposed ESRP payment. “No further action is required at this time” is exciting news. Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated."