Take control of the compliance conversation. Have the whole picture at your fingertips.

The second generation of our powerful compliance assessment tool for health and welfare benefits plans eases the information gathering process and delivers the most valuable gap analysis for each individual plan sponsor.

A Library of Compliance Assessments


Take Control of the Compliance Conversation

The Core 25 Assessment distills the complicated compliance landscape down into 25 of the most common issues that employers face. Armed with the resulting gap analysis, employers can then prioritize mitigation strategies and in the end be sure that they have addressed a large portion of their overall risk.

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Have the whole picture at your fingertips

This intensive assessment delivers the most comprehensive picture available of the health and welfare benefits compliance landscape. It builds on the core assessment with 60+ topics and delivers an in-depth look at the plan sponsor’s current risk profile.

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This extremely abbreviated assessment includes 12 cherry-picked topics proven to be sales wedge issues.

DOL Audit

This assessment mirrors just those compliance topics that are typically included in a DOL audit.

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For agencies with under 5 MIL in annual benefits revenue

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For agencies with between 5 and 10 MIL in annual benefits revenue



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For agencies over 10 MIL in annual benefits revenue