Wrap Doc Legal Plus


Wrap Docs Legal Plus is for employers with more complex benefit designs or special situations such as complicated controlled groups. The necessary documents are drafted by an attorney who provides individualized guidance as part of the project.


  • Benefit Comply Attorney and client meet for a one-on-one kick-off call
  • The Attorney collects all necessary information to create the ERISA documents including benefit plan information such as carrier, renewal date, eligibility, etc
  • Once all information is received, Benefit Comply Attorney creates ERISA wrap documents
  • Attorney and client meet to review documents
  • Any changes that come out of the review meeting are input into the documents
  • Final Documents are delivered back to the employer along with template ERISA notices and guidance on distribution rules and

 Deliverables include:

  • Attorney Consultation
  • Wrap Document
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Template ERISA notices
  • Distribution Guidelines

Price: $2,500 (minimum)*

Add Wrap Doc Protect at Point-of-purchase for only $250/year and receive:

  • Annual Wrap Document check up
  • Any necessary modifications, and Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) for distribution to participants.
  • Updates to documents throughout the year if there are changes to ERISA regulations

*Employer clients of our partner benefits brokers/advisors qualify for preferred pricing.