COBRA Election and Payment Demo

COBRA and state continuation

COBRA Election and payment

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General COBRA Timeline

Example Timeline

Notification of Qualifying Event

Elise and her spouse’s medical and dental coverage terminates at the end of May.


14 days



Election Notice

Must be provided within 14 days.

Elise and her spouse receive their Election Notice on June 15th.​


60 days



COBRA Election

Must occur within 60 days of receiving the election notice

Elise and her spouse elect medical coverage (but not dental) on August 1st.


45 days



First COBRA Premium Payment

Must be submitted within 45 days of electing COBRA​

Elise and her spouse have until September 14th to pay the first premium payment for June, July and August.


In This Example, All Subsequent Payments Are Due On The First Of The Month. 



Subsequent COBRA Premium Payments

Must be submitted within 30 days of the due date​

Elise and her spouse must make their September premium payment no later than September 30th.